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Antenna Products

AnTrust develops a wide array of antenna products and RF spectrum payloads for communication, EW, and remote sensing applications. From L-band to Ka-band, and beyond... reflector antennas, feed horns, patch antennas, quadrifiliar helical antennas, and waveguide slot arrays are just some of the topologies which can be delivered, supported by active processing and sensing to provide complete communication and ISR solutions.

Our most critical products are subjected to comprehensive RF testing and spaceflight qualification.

Space Domain

AnTrust personnel have a long history of servicing the U.S. space industry for both defense and civilian applications.

Defense solutions concentrate on ISR / SAR payloads, with a focus on distributed systems to enhance Space Domain Awareness. Civilian solutions encompass a wide range of electrical and mechanical engineering spacecraft disciplines. Mission analyses are conducted by our STK Certified personnel.

AnTrust is a member of the Space Enterprise Consortium.

Tactical Comms

Millimeter wave 5G specialized applications, SATCOM-on-the-Move, and SATCOM-on-the-Pause are just a few examples where AnTrust expertise benefits the U.S. Government mission.

Our experience in RF & Millimeter Wave hardware provides the customer with a trusted ally to succeed in a congested and contested spectrum environment.

AnTrust is a member of the National Spectrum Consortium.


Our PMP Certified leaders unite our suite of business partners to provide cohesive engineering approaches towards the development of hardware and software solutions, aligned with our customer's missions.

Our program solutions are augmented by leveraging many subject matter experts from leading small businesses and universities.

AnTrust also participates in several startup programs.

About Us

AnTrust delivers customized RF/antenna products and payload solutions to the US Government for space, aeronautical, ground mobile and fixed applications throughout the 100 MHz to 1 THz frequency spectrum. Our services also include electromagnetic research and development, focused on antennas and antenna system applications such as telemetry antennas, wide bandwidth panels, analog phased arrays, digital phased arrays, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR).

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