AnTrust meets the US Government civilian, defense, and intelligence needs, as a domestic and ITAR registered supplier of RF, Antenna, remote Sensing, and assurance hardware and software solutions


RF/Antenna Payload design, development, fabrication, assembly, testing, qualification, to delivery and integration support
RF/Antenna System integration and test for harsh environments
Agile software development for remote sensing and assurance objectives

RF/Antenna Products

Custom RF waveguide devices including high-power filters, diplexers, hybrids and directional couplers
Custom antennas for high-rate data, telemetry, and remote sensing
Precision-cut microwave absorber with user-defined shapes, for cavity resonance mitigation and antenna hat couplers

Fabrication & Testing

CNC Fabrication of your custom-designed aluminum parts in our machine shop, with aerospace-grade finishes
Part evaluation with <0.001" accuracy, documented in detailed inspection reports

Assembly in a Cleanroom environment

Testing of RF components through 40 GHz
Critical alignment of complex assemblies with laser tracker precision


Antenna Pattern Testing in our "clean absorber" anechoic chamber, 1 to 40 GHz